DTP Modz ML APK v3.0 Download [Latest Version] For Android

V 3.0
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DTP Modz
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V 3.0
Android 5+
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Today we have brought an app that will help MLBB players enjoy amazing gameplay. This app is known as DTP Modz around the ML world. Its latest version provides every feature that will attract players. Moreover, anyone can get this app at zero cost. It provides features that are fully functional and safe. This app fulfills the requirements of players to enjoy an interesting game.

In addition, the developers of the DTP Modz ML app have introduced all the required features. Mod menu apk will unlock premium features for users. Nowadays, multiple applications on the internet pledge users to provide safe applications. But as you know third-party apps are hard to trust. Also, most of these applications do not fulfill what they promise.

To overcome this issue, we have got this amazing application. It is 100% safe and secure. Also, the DTP Modz ML app provides fully functional features. These features are practical and you can use them in your game. Further, it is a genuine app that protects users’ data from any harm. Feel free to use this app in your game to make your gameplay interesting.

What is DTP Modz?

This is a safe application that helps players to enjoy better gameplay. With DTP Modz ML apk interesting features, players can compete with their opponents. Also, with this app users can easily secure a better position in the game. If anyone is having difficulty while playing MLBB then they should try this app from our website.

DTP Modz ensures users enhance their gaming skills. With upgraded features, players can easily win a match. Above all, with its features like an auto headshot, drone view, and esp menu one can easily secure a high position. Apart from this, users can also unlock many premium outfits and skins. You can have a collection of interesting stuff for free.

Furthermore, this application comes with high-display graphics. It will make your game more attractive. Also, this application works perfectly on Android devices. Further, it consumes less space on your device. In this way, it will not be a burden on your phone.

Features of DTP Modz APK:

DTP Modz provides its users with a collection of features. All these features are interesting to use. Also, it has a collection of unique features that no other app might provide you. Also, it is very easy to inject the features into your game. With a single tap, you can access these features. Below are some of the important features of this app.

Menu battle:

With this feature, players can now get room information. This will show the enemy icon on the map. Also, it will show the location of monsters in the jungle.

ESP player:

If you are unable to locate an enemy in the match then try this feature. It will allow you to locate your enemy by showing their exact position through the player line.


If you have bad aiming skills then you should go for this menu. With this mod, you can get a nice and clear aim at your opponents. 

Menu hack:

Now you can unlock all your favorite skins and outfits easily with DTP Modz. Inject this feature with a single tap from the mods menu and enjoy.

Menu camera:

You can adjust your camera position according to your desire. Auto low, medium, and high cameras are available for users. Also, adjust your drone view position accordingly.

Menu custom:

Features like auto respawn, wallhack, and a free hero is available in this group.


No doubt Mobile Legend Bang Bang is an elegant game that entertains many players. With DTP Modz you can now enjoy better gameplay. It provides multiple features that will enhance your gaming skills. Also, it is a safe application that will protect your data. Download this application and enjoy your free time with MLBB.

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